Restorative Care at Houston's Pediatric Dentist

We know that going to the dentist can be stressful, so we've created a fun and comfortable environment to make each visit a positive experience for you and your kiddo. From restorative care to dental radiographs (X-rays), we offer a wide range of treatments to keep your child's teeth healthy and strong. So why wait? Let's dive into all the exciting options we have to offer!

Restorative Care at Houston's Pediatric Dentist: Restoring Your Child's Smile

At Houston's Pediatric Dentist, we offer restorative care services to restore your child's dental health and smile. Whether your child needs a filling, dental crown, or ICON (post orthodontic white-spot treatment) our team has the experience and expertise to provide quality care.


If your child has a cavity, our team will provide a comfortable and effective filling treatment to restore their tooth's health and function. We use tooth-colored fillings that blend seamlessly with your child's natural teeth.

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post orthodontic white-spot treatment

ICON is a minimally invasive resin infiltration restorative treatment for post-orthodontic white-spot lesions and congenital white-spot lesions. Demineralization can occur on the enamel surface of teeth due to poor hygiene and excess plaque buildup around orthodontic brackets. ICON can be a great option to reduce or minimize these white spots. Talk with our doctors to see if your child is a good candidate or interested in ICON.

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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a protective cover that is placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to restore its strength and function. Our team uses high-quality materials to create natural-looking dental crowns that will match your child's existing teeth.

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Customized dental treatment plans | Pediatric Dentistry in Houston, TX

Customized Treatment Plans

At Houston's Pediatric Dentist, we understand that each child is unique and requires a personalized approach to their dental care. Our team will work with you and your child to create a customized treatment plan that meets their specific needs and restores their smile.

Creating a Positive Experience

We know that going to the dentist for restorative care can be stressful for children, but our team is committed to making each visit a positive and comfortable experience. Our friendly and experienced dental professionals will help your child feel at ease and make the experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.

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